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Professional In-Vehicle Locking Cameras and Telematics Solutions For Commercial Fleets 

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Driving Risk Visualized

KP1S  The SmartWitness KP1S is the world's most advanced incident camera with 720p HD video, 3G or WiFi connectivity, live GPS position & driver behavior reports to support post­ incident analysis.

Developed to provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic incident, the KP1 S provides immediate notifications & photo/video evidence delivered to your desktop in seconds!

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KP1S  All-In-One HD Vehicle Incident Camera with Instant 3G Video Transmission of Events +


CP4   with LCD with 

4 cameras shown

Your Fleet Management Solutions in Real time 24/7/365

Protect your most

valuable asset.

Your Company and Employees!

Connected Dash Cam Video Event Solutions!

  • Real-time HD image of driver's view -170° angle

  • Optional 2nd camera for side, rear, driver or cargo view

  • Video sent in real-time via email or to your telematics system

  • Dual SD cards for longer recording or redundancy

  • Instant notification via 3G

  • Live impact alerting including: location/speed/event footage

  • Tamper-resistant design, key required to access SD card data